SEO Specialist, Trainer & Consultant

I started in SEO in 2004. Through writing and marketing creative online content I built two successful businesses in two different industries which were both sold through acquisitions.

I now try to help other businesses use SEO to build their businesses and brands. My team is small, trusted and very good at what they do.

My approach to working with clients simple – I don’t do bullshit, I don’t do fake promises and I don’t do things that sound impressive, but add little else than £ signs to an invoice.

I simply understand how SEO works and I understand how to link this to business strategy; I know where to spend money, I know where to save money. I know what to avoid and I know how to translate a business’s goals into SEO strategy.

I have worked with SEOs for over 10 years and know exactly what it is like working with and SEO or agency – I am the anti-thesis of an agency for one simple reason, I only work with a select few clients at a time.

I know my limits and as a result I don’t let people down – I only make them dance with joy!

SEO & Content Approach

I do SEO the old-school way – you still can’t beat it. 

My approach to SEO is really straightforward – I will make sure your website is properly structured, produce regular content, develop your SEO strategy and even train your team so you can do all your SEO yourselves without the need for me or any agencies ever again!

For clients with international aspirations I also specialise in multilingual content for all world languages having 10+ years experience in multilingual SEO and translation.

When it comes to content I focus on producing regular content for blogs, website pages, press releases, guest blogs, link bait articles, etc.

Basically anything you need written online, I can do, and do with SEO in mind.

Need SEO Help?

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SEO Content Writing Services

Writing good content sits at the heart of what I offer. Content is the be all and end all of a website as far as I am concerned, especially when it comes to SEO.

Once I get to know a client, their vibe, their industry/sector, online competitors and online ambitions I am able to translate that into a content plan. This not only covers content for your website but also content for other websites in the form of guest posts, interviews, etc. as well as the tone and type of writing we adopt for you.

Content me and my team work on include:

  • Blog content
  • Website pages
  • e-Commerce pages
  • Press releases
  • Guest posts
  • Ghost writing
  • News items
  • Surveys
  • Link Bait
  • Whitepapers
  • Surveys
  • Infographics
  • Social media posts

…and pretty much anything else you can think of online!

SEO sits at the heart of all our content, using techniques developed over 10+ years to ensure good results in search engines.

Would you like me to write content for you?

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SEO Audits

Is Your Website SEO-friendly?

Unfortunately, many people assume that when a website is built, that it is automatically SEO-ready.

This is not the case. You have to structure your website correctly to ensure that search engines such as Google can not only access and read your website properly, but that you do so in a way that helps them promote your website.

My SEO audits are simple – for a one-off cost I will dig into your website and give an SEO-stress test. If anything is not as it should be, my audit will pick it up – it is then up to you to apply the fix or I can also do that too.

Once you have your SEO audit, you will know exactly where you website succeeds/fails and what you can do upgrade it’s SEO potential.

Would you like me to audit your website?

To get a quote, I simply need your website address and little background about your SEO-goals. Please use the form below and be sure to leave a tel. number!


SEO Strategy & Consultancy

I can help form your SEO strategy, ensure it matches and meets business goals and keeps within budgets.

Whether it’s your keyword plan, creating a calendar of content, offering ideas or working an SEO plan into a wider marketing strategy – I can cover all bases.

As a former business owner who always managed my own SEO, I am able to offer valuable insights and guidance to capitalise upon online traffic, search and online PR.

On top of this, I also understand where to find technical expertise, developers, designers, programmers, etc. that will help you save time, money and headaches.

Would you like my help with SEO strategy?

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SEO Training Courses

Alongside content creation, strategy and support I also run workshops and training courses for clients on SEO.

These cover all and any aspect of SEO and online marketing including SEO for beginners, blog & content writing, keyword research, social media, online outreach, community building, User Experience and more.

All courses are essentially tailored to the client’s particular needs and circumstances.

I don’t do Power Point slides and bla bla presentations – my training is hands-on, interactive, fun and challenging.

I deliver courses worldwide although I am based in the UK.

Need some SEO training?

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If you would like to discuss your website’s SEO or how I can help with your content, then simply use the form below or call me on (+44) 07973 764666.

I won’t be long…in the meantime, have a little listen to this…